Company history

2020 – 2021

Introduction of the new VS 160/320/XL II series with new design, new software and additional functions


Development of the SP 300 sintering press with a purely servo-electric drive for sintering under adjustable atmospheres and freely programmable forces up to 300 kN


Delivery of the 100th vacuum soldering systems.

Expansion of the production area through the construction of a new warehouse including automatic paternoster storage systems.

Investment in a CNC milling center for the production of customer-specific components with minimum lead times.


Opening of our new company headquarter with a production hall and office building in Berlin's Melli-Beese-Strasse, at the former Johannisthal airfield.

ISO 9001 certification


Development of the VS XL vacuum soldering system for large parts and high throughput


Development of the SP 60 sintering press for sintering under inert/reduced atmospheres and vacuum.


Development of the automated inline vacuum soldering system VS 320 i for mass production

2010 – 2012

Delivery of first products to well-known customers. Development and construction of the VS 320 vacuum soldering system with the options of hydrogen and plasma cleaning


Founding of budatec GmbH by Alexander Dahlbüdding and Dirk Busse

Development and construction of the VS 160 vacuum soldering system and trade fair appearance at the Productronica Munich

2003 – 2009

Accquisition of TECA Technologieorientierte Automation GmbH by centrotherm. In addition to the development and production of vacuum soldering systems, the focus was on the development of fully automatic wafer testers.

1991 – 2003

TECA Technologieorientierte Automation GmbH was formed from the Institut für Nachrichtentechnik. The focus was on the development and construction of vacuum soldering systems such as the MCM (Multichip Assembly Machine) as well as automation systems for the semiconductor industry. This is where the founding team of the later budatec GmbH started.